News of Dismissal of Nador Local Prison Director is ‘Totally Unfounded’ (Clarification)

In a clarification responding to allegations published by certain websites on “the dismissal of the director of the Nador local prison because of a series of suicides among inmates” and “the death in mysterious conditions of a sub-Saharan resident”, the management of this penal institution stressed that the director “performs his duties in a normal manner”.

On the matter of the increasing number of suicides among the prison’s residents, the management explained that it concerns a Palestinian inmate who had already attempted to end his life on October 8, 2023, by taking an overdose of a drug, before being evacuated to hospital, where he received the necessary care, noting that he was suffering from psychological and neurological disorders and was taking medication adapted to his condition.

Regarding the allegation of the “mysterious death of an inmate of African origin”, the same source reported that “a national of Guinea Conakry passed away on October 29, 2023 in the public hospital, suffering from intestinal pain”, adding that the person concerned had previously benefited from 12 medical examinations within the penal institution, and had been transferred eight times to the hospital, where he had undergone CT and MRI scans, as well as analyses.

The allegations published are nothing more than an attempt to disrupt the normal operation of the institution and damage the image of its staff in the eyes of the public, the same source concluded.

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