AU PSC: Morocco Calls for Support for South Sudan in Security Cooperation, Socio-economic and Human Development

At a meeting held by videoconference and chaired by the Kingdom’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the AU and UNECA, Mohamed Arrouchi, marked by the presentation of a briefing on the situation in South Sudan, the Moroccan delegation reaffirmed that the primacy of dialogue between all stakeholders in this country is the viable approach in the pursuit of a successful democratic transition to achieve lasting peace, security and stability in this country.

The Moroccan delegation recommended that the PSC redouble its efforts to mobilize resources and funds to support the implementation of the peace agreement in South Sudan, with a view to achieving transparent and credible elections within the stipulated transitional timeframe.

Aware of the vital importance of peace, security and stability, Morocco is particularly interested in establishing constructive cooperation between the relevant stakeholders and international organizations in order to ensure stability in this brotherly country.

“We express our confidence in the ability of the South Sudanese authorities and forces to take measures to strengthen national cohesion and embark on a lasting path towards peace and stability”, reiterated the Moroccan delegation.

The delegation also commended the efforts made by South Sudan within the framework of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict and the Roadmap for the Protracted Transition, particularly with regard to the preparations underway for the adoption of a permanent constitution and the organization of elections in December 2024 to mark the end of the transition.

While stressing the importance of putting the interests of South Sudan and its people above all considerations and resolving any dispute peacefully, it is essential to ensure solidarity with the government and people of South Sudan in their legitimate aspirations to deepen and consolidate democracy and in their efforts to overcome the challenges facing this brotherly country, reaffirmed the Moroccan delegation.


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