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Punishment for misdemeanor offenses

1.  A police misdemeanor:

The Moroccan legislator, in Article 400 of the Criminal Code, determined the penalty for beating and minor wounding, which does not exceed the period of disability of the victim due to the assault twenty days: it stipulates that. Whoever willfully commits a wound, beating, or any other type of violence and abuse against another,Whether it did not result in illness or incapacity for personal work or resulted in illness or incapacity for a period not exceeding 20 days. Shall be punished by imprisonment from one month to one year and a fine of 200 to 500 dirhams, or one of these two penalties only.

2. A disciplinary misdemeanor:

This misdemeanor is stipulated and its punishment is in Article 401 of the Criminal Code, which states: If the wound, beating, or other types of violence or abuse resulted in disability for a period exceeding 20 days. The penalty is imprisonment from one to three years and a fine of 200 to 1,000 dirhams.” What is meant by disability is the inability of the victim to perform the physical activities that a person engages in in his normal life, such as sitting, walking, or moving a limb.

The punishment for crimes that affect the integrity of the human body varies, according to the result of the intended act of assault, as the punishment ranges in severity and changes in the legal description of the act. Thus, the legislator considered some of these crimes as violations and punished them in this capacity, while others were misdemeanors of their kind, while others were described as a felony.